The rise of Cloud ERP

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ERP is a business management solution that allows companies  to use  integrated applications to manage their business and automate their back office functions. Oracle recently announced its intent to buy cloud computing visionairy NetSuite in a deal valued at $9.3 billion. Netsuite is one of the born in the  cloud ERP providers and Oracle’s acquisition of the company sends out a strong message that Cloud ERP has taken centre stage.

The implementation of cloud ERP is growing significantly, as research and analytics firm Forrester reports that actual and planned ERP cloud replacement activity grew from 24% in 2013 to 43% in 2015.

Why are companies choosing to abandon their legacy ERP solutions and adopt the ERP in the cloud.Supporting new business models is a key factor allowing companies to  scale for new customer requirements, while cloud ERP systems save up to six times the amount of capital invested cumulatively over traditional ERP systems. Versatility is also central to cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP offers companies flexibility and mobility in a volatile, undulating market.The choice to adopt cloud ERP is not a difficult one as can be cost effective if you want a vanilla ERP implementation.

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